Being Leader in the market of construction made in Compressed Block and Stabilized EarthOhel International is a company with limited liability, specialized in building construction, infrastructure rehabilitation and electronic security. After four years from its opening, OHEL received the prize of BRONZE HELMET during OSCARS ceremony of the construction and public works in 2014. That honorific reward is due to the great technology of its tools and equiments firstly and the dynamism of her young, qualified and competent staff who do not spare effort to maintain her parterners' trust into a good fixed relationship.

 Our society has been facing with a new world threat since a certain time: Environmental degradation due to climate change, the rise of greenhouse gases and the destruction of the ozone layer, were born in some households; some issues related to their living environment. What should we do faced with the effervescence of this phenomenon? 

In spite of this distressing situation, find a rented home and become house owner still remains very hard for some people.

It's in this perspective that we are setting up a factory’s production of Compressed Block and Stabilized Earth so as to give you an ecological, economic (very competitive cost), sustainable  habitat which answer to the issues of climate change advocated by Leaders so that each people can get an ecological, comfortable home.

Owing to all actions towards the protection of environnment, OHEL International won Marrakech International Prize for the ecological.

Through the achievement of some infrastructutres such as schools, housing, hospitals and many others that we realized in some areas,
we would allow all local authorities and individuals to approrier this system, for the construction made in compressed block and stabilized earth
is a source of: 

  • Employment' creation opportunities for young

The manufacture of compressed block and stabilized earth uses a large unskilled labor. Talking about it, OHEL International board direction integrated into her management policy a training about the building of compressed block and stabilized earth. After making  promotion of seasonal work in some areas, we should want through that perspective to broadcast young training firstly and then improve the possibility of access of occasional work, so that increasing on ivoirien country every young skills who is on the dole.This to invite to leaders of local authorities in order to they apply this system in their area, for the manufacture of earth bricks used a large unskilled labour.
On-the-job training will be helping some won skills among their young, because they will constituate a  skilled labour force in their area. Thus, those young can be independant and  have  business acumen.

  • Construction costs'reduction .

The raw material for the manufacture of blocks made in compressed block and stabilized earth are available locally. Furthermore,
the assembly of blocks made in compressed block and stabilized earth requires little ciment and reduces the amount of steel used for

  • Fight against climate change by improving the thermal efficiency of buildings

As used for ages in the building construction, the raw land remains still with serious environmental arguments such as aesthetic and comfort.
It is an abundant material, which requires much less energy to manufacture than lime,burnt bricks or cement (very low CO2 emissions).
Its high density makes it valuable qualities of thermal inertia. The earth walls remarkably regulate the humidity of indoor air thanks
to their permeability to water vapor, and are a good sound insolation.

Madam NOBOUT Marina,

Yours faithfully !